Increase repeat purchase rate with points

Shoppers engaged in points programs not only shop more frequently—they spend more, too. Break up with traditional advertising and get connected with loyalty to grow your business.

Points Hero
Reward points for anything and everything
Account creation

Encourage your customers to create a store account.

Social sharing

Reward points for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms.


Reward points on every purchase so your customers have an extra reason to buy again.


Celebrate customer birthdays with bonus points on their special day.


Reward points for leaving product reviews on and Google Reviews.

Make redeeming points special with unique rewards


Fixed amount or percentage off discounts are the most popular rewards that drive repeat purchases.

Free products

Give customers free samples or products they can save up their points for.

Free shipping

Offer the joy of free shipping to loyal customers who earn enough points.

Gift cards

Allow customers to redeem points for gift cards, which can be shared or combined.

Free Product

Enter amount of points in exchange of product

These amount of points will be deducted from your customers balance

Select the product from drop down

Your customers can choose from these products

Add multiple Free Products for your customers

Sit Back & Relax!

Looks great
Easy to use
Instant mail to customer
Free Product
Everything you need
All the advanced features you need

Your Super Rewards loyalty program comes packed with advanced features. Launch with industry best practices as the default, or customize your program to fit your business.

Points expiration

Encourage customers to use their points, while keeping your books in check.

Accelerated earning

Reward 2x, 3x, or 5x the points for your most loyal customers based on their VIP status.

Partial refund support

Ensure points given on an order are adjusted based on returns, refunds, or partial refunds.

Name your points

Make your points feel uniquely yours by naming them something that fits your brand.

Earning limits

Tune how often customers can earn on social media, and other actions.

Integrate with other apps

Send customer points balances to your other tools like Klaviyo, Gorgias, and more.

Bulk Campaigns

Send Points to 1000's of customers

Treat your customers with sweet points in a single click

Download CSV Template file

This sheet contains all your customers data

Adjust CSV template

Enter your points details according to the template's format.

Hit Send

Now sit back and Relax!

Looks great
Easy to use
Instant mail to customer
Bulk Campaigns
Boost repeat sales.
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