Give your best customers the VIP treatment

Super Rewards' VIP program allows you to create tiers that reward your top customers with better rewards and exclusive perks.

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How does it works

Reward more to your most loyal customers

Create a Tier Name

This is the name which is visible to your customers

Add a Tier Logo

Each Tier can have a different logo

Select conditions for a tier

Eg. If a customer has ordered more than 2 times add them to Gold Tier

Hit Save

Now sit back and Relax!

Looks great
Easy to use
Reward differently
How VIP Works
Entry rewards

Instant rewards when customers achieve new tiers

Entry rewards provide instant gratification for your best customers so they feel rewarded and appreciated for being a loyal customers.

Free products.Your program is set up with best practices used by top-performing programs.

Discounts.Empower your support team to make it right with customers by issuing points.

Accerlerated points earning.Share success of your loyalty program with monthly reports and industry benchmarks.

VIP Entry Rewards

Offer ongoing benefits to your top customers.

From exclusive access, to early-bird specials, pack each tier with benefits your best customers will value most.

Early access to products.Connect your VIP program to Klaviyo or another email tool to send exclusive access.

Invites to exclusive events.Send early invites to your top customers based on their VIP status.

Contest entries.Enter your top customers into contests automatically on an ongoing basis.

VIP Perks
Your VIP program, your way
$$$ vs. Points

Choose how you want to move customers up through your VIP tiers. Your milestones can be set based on the amount a customer spends at your store, or the total amount of points they've earned.

Calendar year vs. Lifetime

Choose how long you want to give customers to achieve a higher VIP tier. You can limit this to a calendar year or the entire lifetime a customer shops with your store.

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